25lbs. of Ground Beef and Yeti Cooler!

Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! is ready to begin our first major fund raising campaign:
First Step! – Donate $5 for a chance to win 25lbs. of Frozen Ground Beef and a New Yeti Cooler! You will next be prompted to enter your email address upon payment in order for a successful entry into this awesome drawing for a cause!

Donate $5



One of the resources of the Farm Adventure! is the cows.

These are lean, grass-fed, Limousine calves born and raised right here on the farm. The ground beef is mixed at an 80% lean beef to 20% grass-fed fat ratio. This steer was USDA processed at Advanced Meats in Van Buren, Arkansas, hippymeats.com.

Please visit their website to see firsthand their commitment and integrity towards their craft. This is undoubtedly some of the best ground beef in the world, and the plan is for everyone to the have the chance to have some.

Simply donate five dollars to our fundraising project, and your email will be entered into the hat for 25lbs. of this delicious Frozen Ground Beef shipped to you anywhere in the Continental United States in a New Yeti Cooler!

Being our first public request, it is planned to receive donations for this particular fundraising project long enough to at least break even or reach the determined donation amount set by the board at Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!

Enter your email as many times as you want with each additional $5 donation! And, let as many people know about this opportunity as you can. The faster we reach the determined donation amount, the faster we can let you know we’re shipping your 25lbs. of Frozen Ground beef and a New Yeti Cooler!

100% of the funds from this fundraiser will go toward three areas of our goals at Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!: #1- grounds maintenance and development (key things that must be done before we break ground and new construction begins), #2- continuation of initial organization (land surveys and agreements, etc.), and #3- set up of the Ranch House as a respite ready facility (including lodging for at least two Highly Qualified Caregivers).

Please read more about Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! to understand what we are trying to accomplish. Our main goal is to provide respite care; a break for foster families and those who care for special needs family members. We want to create a safe place where families feel secure that their loved one with special needs receives the loving care they need from a highly qualified caregiver, and a fun place people like to be. The Farm Adventure! is planned to be a hands on educational farm for everyone which will act as a fundraising project for our respite program.

Please consider this fundraising project and let as many people know about it as you can: Donate $5 and get your email put into the hat for 25lbs. of Quality Ground Beef and a New Yeti Cooler.

Thank you for your support!

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Like all public charities, Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! is dependent on the generosity of others. Thankfully it has been arranged so that 501(C)(3) organizations are given the opportunity to be diverse and unique. Tax deductible donations, “Thank you Gifts”, raffles, drawings and bake sales are just a few ways nonprofit organizations are allowed to vie for public support.



Please understand that the sole purpose of this fund raiser is to provide money to do the work we feel we’ve been sent forward to do: ultimately provide respite for foster care families and families with special needs loved ones, preserve the magical wonder and enjoyment of a family farm for everyone, and provide an opportunity for for all those willing to participate in this most worthwhile cause.

Please, please, please! understand that making online payments requires the disclosure of personal information. Be assured that any information garnered, whether on our site or PayPal, will be treated with the utmost discretion and privacy, will be used solely for verification purposes of that transaction only, and the only information kept will be the email entered at the end of the process to notify you if you’ve won the drawing and of future drawings. In no way will you be sold, spammed, or harassed. We’re trying to make friends not enemies. We want you to enjoy these opportunities to win quality prizes as well as help fund a truly fantastic cause.

If it happens that you’re from a generation that doesn’t disclose this type of information, don’t feel alone, or left out! We can graciously accept your donation over the telephone or in the mail. Simply call the telephone number below or respond to the address listed. All donations are tax deductible, and receipts will be provided. Your security is as important to us as the people we serve.

If you’re more inclined to donate time than money, please visit our Calling All Angels! link to see how your skills and resources might best be applied. We would like to find a way for everyone inspired by this ministry to have a part and participate. Please contact us!

Your help and participation is key to our success. Our gratitude and appreciation has no bounds. Be positive that 100% of all funds generated by any fund raiser at Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! will be dedicated to the creation and continuation of our goals and mission. We welcome your comments and suggestions. May you continue to be richly blessed!

In His Love,
Kevin Atchley

Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!
439 Polk Rd. 46
Mena, AR 71953