A Frame

Construction on the A-Frame began in May, 1980. It has been a work in progress ever since. We moved here when I was in the eighth grade. My mother and father lived here for twenty eight years dreaming up new and exciting additions while entertaining friends and family. Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! plans to continue this tradition to the extreme!

The infrastructure is here, and the stage is set to utilize the A-Frame as a “Bed and Breakfast” type facility. The amenities the A-Frame has to offer such as: two private bed and baths, spacious living and dining areas, heated pool, outside decks and a sun room make it the perfect place to entertain guests and donors. Prayer groups, youth groups, scrap bookers, birdwatchers, incorporations you name it! We’re going to make this place available for everyone so we can accomplish everything! Even though we plan to be a worldwide service attraction, we are currently focused on providing activities and respite for local foster families and families of individuals with special needs.

The front of the resort at Ouachita Mountain Resort & Farm Adventure!

There are several things to get lined out before the A-Frame is fully functional.  First, Joyce says the name “A-Frame” is completely unromantic and boring. Who wants to visit an unromantic and boring place?! We’ll need help and suggestions. It’s always just been the A-Frame, and it’s the most romantic and exciting place ever!


Ouachita Mountain ResortSecond, after my father died, my mother moved and the A-Frame went into a state of despair resembling a lost city in the jungle, minus the monkeys. Vines, ivy, bamboo, overgrown-landscaping, overcrowded pine trees, painting and trim repair. All of these made the A-Frame seem impossible and overwhelming. It’s still pretty rough.

Our plans are to update and make the estate completely accessible for everyone. Widened doorways, accessible restrooms, trails, and a pool chair!  The A-Frame will be a key asset to the Farm adventure!  Enjoy the amenities of a family farm while being catered to like family.  Contact us for ideas and suggestions.