I can’t help but think of CCR’s song “Lookin’ out my back door”; “Look at all the happy creatures dancin’ on the lawn”!  What would a Farm Adventure! be without the animals?  And happy animals they are!


It’s our plan to provide a “hands on” experience with the animals for those visiting the Farm Adventure!.  A petting zoo for the small cuddly critters, and observation platforms for those who are, well, not.

Baby Piddles

Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! plans to raise livestock for the reason God created them; to eat.  As vicious as this may sound to some, the animals here are our friends and are treated as such.  The goal of the educational farm is to make aware where our food comes from, and a healthy, economical way to produce it.  Food will be raised that is most utilized on the menu at the resort, which includes, beef, pork, poultry, and goats.

These are the happiest cows in the world!  The Red Limousine breed has provided all the characteristics we could want in beef production.  Using artificial insemination, made possible by Big Branch Breeders out of Alexander, AR, has allowed us to capitalize on the best genetics in the world improving every characteristic of our cattle; docility, calving ease, and improved utters and hooves to name a few.  Most of our cows are sired by a bull from an A.I. bull named “Polled Manhattan”.  We don’t name all our cows, but he got coined “Bullzo”.

Bullzo | Cow

What a bull, right?!  He was a fantastic bull until tragedy struck, but that’s another story.

Although we have milked goats in the past, and plan to do so in the future, we would like to further our milk production by obtaining some Dutch Belted dairy cows.  They seem to be a tough, dual breed cow.

Presently, we are able to put up our own hay, and as with the goats, our primary focus right now with the cows is fencing.  Before we undertake a major fence building campaign we are desperately working on awareness of Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!

The goats seem fundamental to good pastures.  They’re pretty ornery, but, for the most part have friendly personalities.  It’s wonderful the way they browse briars, black berries, and brush making more grass available.  Good fencing is a must, though.  The grass is always greener on the other side as far as goats think.  I had never eaten goat meat and had always heard it was stringy and tough.  Some cuts may be, but I have since learned that goat chops are some of the tastiest meat in the world.  I’ve heard of people traveling to far off exotic places just to eat goat.  Now I know why.  It can be prepared absolutely delicious.  Goats are fun animals, and baby goats are simply adorable.  If baby goats would stay babies, I’m sure everyone would want one.  Thing is, they don’t.  Goats are okay outside and in the barn, but you wouldn’t want one in the house.

Animals | Goats


We plan on raising a better tasting chicken.  We are currently raising White Leghorns which are high producing, self-sufficient birds.  We plan to cross the Leghorns with a breed like Cobb and have a good broiler which will free range and help cut feed cost.  My understanding is, some of the most unique, best tasting chicken in the world is fed milk soaked grain.

Animals | Chickens

We would like to work with a local chicken company (hopefully Tyson) and develop a small processing facility and create a farm to table poultry we can use in fundraising.  Everybody likes chicken; fried chicken, baked chicken, boiled chicken, broiled chicken, bar-b-qued chicken, cabbage and chicken, fajitas, and on, and on, and on.  We’d like to raise and better tasting chicken.

Wildlife | OMR

There are many other animals at The Farm Adventure!, and wild life abounds.  The goal and mission of the educational farm is to make a magical experience for everyone in order to fund our respite program for foster families and families of individuals with special needs.