Birthday Goats!

I recently had my 49th birthday.  Just about halfway there.  I’ve got a lot to do yet, in the next 50 years.  There were some goats that had birthdays, too.  It’s just too cold to be having baby goats born, though.  One got to come stay in the house as its mommy had troubles, and it was just too weak.  It’s fine now.  I’ve got some videos I’ll post when I figure out how.

It’s garden time.  I cut potatoes and planted cabbage and broccoli in peat pellets.  Think I’ll burn some grass tomorrow if it’s not too windy, and break up some soil.  I’ve got to run to town so I’ll pick up seeds.  Think I’ll plant snow peas.

Jack and I worked on a house mom sold.  We talked to the neighbor Mr. Leroy who said he can help us start a big generator we hauled off from the property.  It’s a beasty thing.  Looks like fun.

The website is getting closer to finished, and were excited to start advertising Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!  Win 25 lbs. of ground beef and a Yeti cooler soon!

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