Blazing a new trail.

Sorry I haven’t kept up better.  You’ve been so good about reaching out and sending emails, and I  haven’t even opened my computer up.  Appears I’ve been doing a lot of rationalizing and justifying for quite some time now.

However, you know what they say about doing the same thing expecting different results!  Nothing was any different, things weren’t happening like I wanted, and I sure wasn’t feeling any better.  So, I’m going to change directions. Anything’s got to be better.  I’m going to blaze a new trail.  Literally!

I was telling you about the students that are coming out to the Farm Adventure! after school.  It’s working out great.  It’s starting out like an adventurous after school program that is offering a resource to parents that just hasn’t been available before.  The kids are having a blast!  We go see the farm animals, they swim, and we’ve ventured into the woods some, but there’s lots of work to do in that area.  Well, one of the young ladies that comes out is bused by the public school.  Parking has always been tight at the A-Frame, you know.  I mean, it’s fine if it’s just a few cars, but when you start having dinner parties and lots of guests, things can get cramped.  Turning a big ‘ol yellow bus around was a trick to say the least.  The bus lady did real good for a while, but it was decided it would be better for everyone if we picked her up at the highway.  There’s where things got tight for us.

Right now it’s just me and Joyce doing this. She has clinic couple days a week so I’m here, then on days she can be here I keep working.  When we have other students here running down to meet the bus can be challenging.  We’re just about to the point in our development to start reaching out to individuals from all over that would like to come and stay at the Farm Adventure! and help us get this thing up and flying.  “Calling All Angels!”  I can’t help think that there’s retired educators and professionals, especially from urban areas, that would love to come spend some time on the farm, get treated like family, and help us get this thing whipped into shape.  Anyway, that’s just around the corner.

The bus needs a better place to turn around, so we decided to blaze a trail through the woods and start a circle drive that will offer better ingress and egress.  We started by taking out hardwood trees for firewood, and then dropped the pines to make timbers for cabins.

I finally relented and commandeered some help with the stumps.  It’s hard not to  go through the pains of trying to figure a way of doing stuff by myself, but it ended up being cheaper, faster, and safer to have my good friend Charlie to come and make short order of things with his beasty machine.  I even contacted a fellow about using ammonia nitrate  and blasting stumps!  Imagine me terrorizing the wildlife, and the mess I’d have to clean up.  Like I said, Charlie knocked it right out, and fast, too.

Now we have a good start on a road.  A little clean up and dirt work and the bus will be driving right up to the house in no time.  Good to catch up some.  I’ll do better.  Tomorrow I want to show you these raw cultured vegetables we made.



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