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Some Spider!

Imagine just a moment with me if you will, all the interesting and creative things Mr. E.B. White saw on the farm.  That’s the way life ought to be.  Not listlessly floating around in a fairy tale type of mindset, but at the same time not letting the reality of the situation of, “Gotta do […]

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Welcome to Ouachita Mountain Resort

Welcome to Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!.  We’d like to invite you to take a moment to review our website and learn more about our latest endeavor. We plan to create a fully accessible educational farm where everyone will be able to enjoy this beautiful landscape.  All the amenities of a small family farm […]

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Landmark Day!

Today was a landmark day for us: Last week I was able to help a neighbor with a barn roof, and today he hauled a steer to the butcher for us.  It was quite a haul though; @180mi. round trip.  Mark Robbins, Robbins Ranch, Mena, AR helped us get started with our first fund raising […]

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