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Some Spider!

Imagine just a moment with me if you will, all the interesting and creative things Mr. E.B. White saw on the farm.  That’s the way life ought to be.  Not listlessly floating around in a fairy tale type of mindset, but at the same time not letting the reality of the situation of, “Gotta do […]

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Blazing a new trail.

Sorry I haven’t kept up better.  You’ve been so good about reaching out and sending emails, and I  haven’t even opened my computer up.  Appears I’ve been doing a lot of rationalizing and justifying for quite some time now. However, you know what they say about doing the same thing expecting different results!  Nothing was […]

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Saving Grace

Saving Grace comes in all shapes and sizes.  A lot of times it comes when you totally need it the most, and from where you’d least expect it.  However, when it shows up,  all you can do is take a deep breath, and say, “Thank you, God.”  Today I’m thankful for Scotty. Scotty came to […]

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Last Pool Guest

What a whopper!  We went out tonight to clean the pool a bit before it was closed for the season, and found one last pool guest.  We have had guests of this caliber through out the year, but usually none this big.  I imagine he’s just as happy to be back in the pond as […]

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Encouraging Moments

One of the highlights of being on Iron Mountain last week with the Christian Motorcycle Association was meeting my new good friends, Norm and Rita.  They will always be “The Encouragers!”  All week they encouraged me to keep going, and Rita would say, “God’s got something big planned for you.”  What kinder thing, or greater […]

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What a Week!

, What a fantastic week! I was able to spend the better part of last week with the Christian Motorcycle Association at Iron Mountain in Hatfield, AR. You know how a lot of times you’re faced with a huge task, requiring you to perform well beyond your comfort level, or even abilities? Where the only […]

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