Change in the Weather.


Another beautiful day! I suppose, in reality, this time of year, as well as spring time, makes the few months of hot and the few months of cold worth it. No bugs, mornings are crisp and clear, and everything falls into the natural rhythm of the season; in the spring everything wakes up, and in the fall everything rests and goes to sleep. It’s magical to behold at the Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!.

This morning the cows were looking rather bored so I put out a bale of hay for them. There is still plenty of lush – it was a beautiful, rainy summer – but they seemed to appreciate something different. They nosed around for just a while, and then laid down in the shade.


After chores, today was the day to fix a water leak.  While tearing out part of a rock retaining wall a while back, it was necessary to pull up part of the water line used to irrigate the flower bed.  The project is to create a circular drive at the A-Frame.  There’s not much parking, and turning around can be pretty rough.  So we tore out part of the wall to drive through and will circle around through the woods.  Much more convenient.  Anyway, the sprinkler system is turned off, but water leaked out of the pipe I took up.  Not much.  Just a slow trickle, but a leak non-the-less.  The easiest and quickest fix seemed to be to simply cap the end of the pipe.


After digging up a portion of the pipe to expose part of the pipe which was cracked, I cut the broken piece off, trimmed the burs off the end, cleaned the end of the pipe and the end cap with primer, applied wet or dry pvc glue, and secured the cap on  the end of the pipe.


Next spring we’ll have to figure which valve in the control box is failing, and stop the leak permanently.


Now, this is pretty much elementary type plumbing, but the same concepts and procedures are used to plumb a house or rough in a cabin, both of which we’ll be doing in the near future.  Always nice when things go as planned, and it was a beautiful day for it.

In His Love,


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