Encouraging Moments


One of the highlights of being on Iron Mountain last week with the Christian Motorcycle Association was meeting my new good friends, Norm and Rita.  They will always be “The Encouragers!”  All week they encouraged me to keep going, and Rita would say, “God’s got something big planned for you.”  What kinder thing, or greater realization could you offer someone than God’s got big plans for them.  Isn’t that what we pray for and dream of?  It was a blessing meeting them.  The picture doesn’t do them justice.  I can imagine Norm laughing a big hearty laugh saying it works for him!  But, they’re both kind, beautiful people.  Check out their unique ministry at www.christianmotorcycleparts.com.

I had an encouraging moment yesterday.  I picked back up on a project that hasn’t gotten much attention lately; the upstairs deck at the A Frame.  After starting to put down deck boards I happened to noticed some of the framework that the face trim, or fascia, will be secured to was cut too short!  Dang!  How in the world could I have let that happen?


So there I was.  Bubble blown.  Didn’t even feel carrying on, but that wouldn’t get the deck done.  So I thought and I prayed, and I thought and I prayed, “God, how would be the fastest and easiest way to remedy this situation?”  While looking around I noticed some scrap 2×4’s, and the thought popped into my head of how my wife just hates the cat clawing the furniture, and that I needed to make a scratching post.  I knew how to do that, so I let the deck dilemma brew, gathered up some boards and tools, and set to work.


In no time my head had cleared, was over my aggravation, and I had something that resembled a scratching post.


To me that was encouraging.  Like getting two birds with one stone.  No worries with the frame boards.  I’ll just build them out a little bit so the fascia’s nice and straight, and no one will ever know the better.  And the deck is about ten boards closer to being finished!  Sometimes we have to work at staying encouraged.  Head up, chin down, it could always be worse.

In His Love,



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