Farm House

The Farm House sits in just about the middle of a 160 acre tract of forests, meadows, ponds, and streams.  We moved there when I was four years old.  It was, and still is, paradise, and I’m sure you’ll think so, too.

The story is that the Farm House was built by a country doctor who lived there and used the house as a clinic.  There’s a date in the cellar that reads 1804.  In my memories of our first visits I recall a Dutch door on what would become my bedroom.  Must have been the receptionist.  The first time we went out to see the Farm House, all the windows were broken out, and part of the house had been burnt.  It was a bit eerie.  When I started school, my father, who taught third grade at the time, and us kids rode the school bus.  There was a girl on the bus who always told me the house was haunted.  I never saw or heard any ghosts, but I can’t imagine a more spiritual and magical place to grow up.

Farm House

Sad story is, though, old houses are hard to maintain, don’t offer modern fixtures and conveniences, and are impossible to heat and cool.  The plan is to refurbish the Farm House into a completely accessible “bunkhouse” style facility for groups to meet, dine, and stay, create a private dwelling upstairs for longer term volunteers and donors, and create a place to be the headquarters for a fleet of side by side, joystick controlled ATV’s which will allow all guests to enjoy the trails and all aspects of the Farm Adventure!.  The garden is at the Farm House, and we will need to repair the two acre pond at the bottom of the hill, equip it with a fishing dock, fishing shack, and an electric powered pontoon boat.

View of Farm House

It’s a daunting project, from a new foundation to new electrical and plumbing, and especially insulation in the empty walls.  It’s not impossible, though.