What better signifies and represents a family farm than the vegetable garden.  Here, guests will enjoy the magical wonders of nature, and the fruits, and vegetables, of sweat and hard work.

Every season has something to offer in the garden.  Things don’t stop completely in the fall and winter as there is harvesting of some crops, planting of cool weather veggies, and soil building and conditioning.  During the early spring, however, guests will enjoy a virtual explosion of growth, life, and development.  There is, what seems, a relatively short window of perfect temperature and moisture before summer heat and irrigation rule.

Every year, usually around March, I feel the desire to run dirt through my fingers.  Those who like gardening know what I’m talking about.  My father said it was from our peasant stock.  This is the start, though, and onions and potatoes are planted shortly thereafter. After last frost, tomatoes, okra, squash, corn, beans, pumpkins, and melons follow, to name a few.

We plan to construct concrete paths and raised beds in the garden so all guests will be able to enjoy the pleasures and joys of the garden.  A garden shed will built to store equipment, and a bathroom facility for convenience.  After harvesting, vegetables will be processed in a USDA approved facility and used at the resort or shared with friends and neighbors, donors, and guests.

Gardening is great therapy, exercise, and an overall rewarding experience.  Everyone has something to learn and benefit from the garden at Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!.