Landmark Day!

Save the farm adventure!Today was a landmark day for us: Last week I was able to help a neighbor with a barn roof, and today he hauled a steer to the butcher for us.  It was quite a haul though; @180mi. round trip.  Mark Robbins, Robbins Ranch, Mena, AR helped us get started with our first fund raising campaign.  Matter of fact, a lot of the genetics in our herd – you see the quality – comes right from their ranch, so Mark started helping with this quite some time ago.

The plan is: the tender loins into 3/4″ cuts and the rest of this steer into ground beef.  Grass fed Limousin.  Should be somewhere around 80/20, probably leaner.  The best thing is this beef is all natural, not even shots!  Never leaving the farm or around other strange cows coming in, this is a localized herd not plagued by some of the side effects of mass production.  Young pure beef.  What we plan is to have a drawing.  Donate $5 and get your email put into a hat for 25lbs. of Frozen Ground Beef and a New Yeti Cooler!  Shipped anywhere in the Continental United States!!  It’s that awesome!!! and his team have figured a way for us to organize, structure, and track the drawing on our website This makes entering the drawing a breeze.  Way to go simplemachinedesigns!

We’ll keep you posted on when this monumental event is going to begin, what the donations will be used for, and how it plays out as the start of wonderful things happening at Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!

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