Last Pool Guest


What a whopper!  We went out tonight to clean the pool a bit before it was closed for the season, and found one last pool guest.  We have had guests of this caliber through out the year, but usually none this big.  I imagine he’s just as happy to be back in the pond as we are to have him there.

I reckon he was pretty scared.  Here I was chasing him around in the pool with a net, and we’re we both getting quite a workout.  Then I got him corralled in the skimmer.  That couldn’t have been much fun, but I was able to get my hands on him.  That in itself must have been terrifying.  Imagine being handled by a giant, even a nice giant.  I wouldn’t want to be there, but here he was being forced to pose for pictures; bright lights, drying out.  After his debut we headed to the pond, and the scared and confused frog was carried in the dark with no idea where he was going or what was going to happen when he got there.  Only to find, he had been returned to the safe, familiar spot where he wanted to be, and probably wished he  hadn’t left in the first place.

All kinds of life lessons this evening with a frog.  You never know what might inspire you.  Things might not be as bad where you are as you might think.  Sometimes the way God puts us where he wants/needs us might seem terrifying at the time.  Keep your faith!  Don’t be scared!

In His Love,


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