Meet my new fishing partner “Lucky”!

It happens every spring.  A few warm days and life starts blasting its way out of winter’s grasp.  Seeing early sprouts starting sends the definite message that the ground is warming, and so is the water.  Then, just like the burn of needing to run dirt through my fingers in the garden, I get the urge to go fishing.

I got it bad this year.  For years I just haven’t taken the time to fish.  Always something more pressing, and fishing was just never planned or purposed.  Not this year.  Meet my new fishing partner “Lucky”!


The first thing that happened was I started dreaming about how fun fishing used to be, and the hours I dedicated to perfecting the craft.  I remember as a kid the two acre pond behind the Farm House was absolute heaven.  I had a little raft that was just boards nailed together tied on to a tractor inner tube.   I would go down early and catch a catfish, stringer him to the raft, and let him troll me along the banks while I bass fished.  It was incredible!  And just about this time of year the pan fry bass would explode.  You could catch a whole tub full, along with the every-once-in-a-while five or six pounder.

After a few miles down memory road I found myself digging out all kind of stowed fishing equipment.  I commandeered the kitchen table and began cleaning, sorting, and organizing like a kid with his pencils and supplies right before school starts.  When I had things the way I wanted, and Joyce finally made me clean off the table, I planned a trip to see if the pre-spawn bass were starting.


It was a perfect afternoon.  Temperature was about 68 degrees.  Gentle breeze and lots of sun.  I headed out.  I got to the pond and eased up to the first familiar spot.  First cast, and a great strike!  He didn’t take it all the way, but my pulse quickened and I knew this was going to be a fun excursion.  Second cast, and one snagged it that time!  Bent pole with a little drag whine.  One jump and he slung the lure right out of his big mouth.  Dang!  I’m changin’ lures, I thought.  I put on a white beetle spin and went to work.  Lost that lure on a snag so I tried a black one.

I must have fished for 10 minutes and nothing.  What could have happened?  I moved around some, still nothing.  It just so happened Joyce and one of the young men that comes to our after-school program came to the pond to see how things were going.  I think I had one on the line before they got to the bottom of the hill!  Then, I’d hook ’em, and “Lucky” would reel them in.  It was great fun for everyone.

We had a good stringer in no time, and headed back to meet his dad.  Unlimited possibilities!  Imagine me and “Lucky” hitting the circuit and winning big cash prizes all over the country in fishing tournaments.  We could fund all ours dreams and goals here at Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!  Or, stay here and take other kids on fishing trips when it’s not convenient for them to go otherwise.  Think I’m going to go for the second one.  This is what it’s all about.  Thanks to everyone for your help and support so far!


2 Responses to Meet my new fishing partner “Lucky”!

  1. Shane Atchley April 6, 2019 at 11:11 am #

    Looks like good eating! A couple good stringers like that and you could have the whole school out for a fish fry!
    Looking forward to more posts, keep up the good work, Kev!

  2. Janet K Walters April 6, 2019 at 1:52 pm #

    I love this story! Alan loves coming out there with you & Joyce!

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