Saw Mill

When we first got the idea of creating an educational farm (the Farm Adventure!), the logical thing that came to mind was to use natural resources from the farm to supply the bulk of the building materials.  This would require specialized equipment and tools, the first of which being a saw mill.

As we began completing the applications and forms required by the IRS to apply for our 501(C)(3) status, I fantasized of having a sawmill and milling boards and building cabins.  I could imagine rustic cabins tucked away in secret places in the woods where I had built forts when I was a kid.  It was a wonderful dream, and it started becoming a reality when we were led to Charles Little.

I called on an ad Charles had in the local classifieds advertising a sawmill, and knew immediately he was the man to help us.  He told me how he had retired from the Air Force and he and his wife planned to buy a saw mill and build a house.  He experienced the same concerns I had, that sawmills aren’t cheap.  We talked about some top brands on the market and he told me about the research he had done.  Then with a laugh he said, “Well Kevin, I figure if I can build a helicopter and fly it around, I could build one of these saw mills!”  And that he did.


I think it’s like having a custom piece of equipment.  After explaining our mission and the idea of the Farm Adventure!, Charles was compelled to give us a discounted price.  By my best estimate, he saved Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! approximately $20,000 from top market brand prices.

We’ve begun clearing the area for the sawmill, and plan to have it running soon.