Some Spider!

Imagine just a moment with me if you will, all the interesting and creative things Mr. E.B. White saw on the farm.  That’s the way life ought to be.  Not listlessly floating around in a fairy tale type of mindset, but at the same time not letting the reality of the situation of, “Gotta do that.  Should of done that. Gotta get that done.  Gotta make that payment!” steal and crush our creativity.  Seems like I’m always in a rush.  Patching and not really repairing, running to put out the next brush fire, and most of the time thinking it’s all up to me to figure my way through this mess and get it all done.  I should be patient like the spider.

They truly are one of God’s most clever of creations.  Like a lot of God’s systems, it’s impossible for us to imagine the quintillions of insects that live on the planet earth.  Much less a feasible way to keep them in check.  Spiders are just one of the ways He manages all the bugs on the farm.  And what a beautiful job they do.  The craftiness of their webs is exquisite.  The “messages” written in the writing spiders web are probably for strength.  They know just what to do, and are amply rewarded for their efforts.  Nothing like a little marinated grasshopper!  This lesson from the farm:  Work hard, and patience pays off.

IHL,   Kevin


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