The Cabins

There are several different places on the farm where we would like to build the cabins.  First, cabins could be built by the A-Frame which would allow additional sleeping quarters for groups that could utilize this beautiful structure.  Eating arrangements will be possible at the A-Frame so everyone can eat together, but right now there are only two bed/bath suites.  So rather than sleep on cots or quilt pallets, which young people would enjoy, the cabins will allow comfortable beds for the group members.  These cabins will be completely accessible, and have concrete sidewalks which will allow all guest ease of transport to and from the A-Frame.  These cabins will open a new door for the use of the A-Frame and opportunity for Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!.  Many different groups, including corporate sharing, will be able to utilize this beautiful facility, and help us further our goal of providing respite for individuals with special needs and foster children.

A second area cabins will be beneficial is select spots in the woods.  Here Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! will be able to offer something that is hard to come by these days, and in a setting most unique; privacy and seclusion.  Rather than having cabins packed in like a trailer park as other resorts, we plan to have several cabins completely secluded from the rest of the Farm Adventure!, and in locations that offer the “deep woods” feel.  These cabins will be completely accessible, be located near the trails and offer all the other facets of the Farm Adventure!, but be secluded enough where guest will feel completely “off the grid”.


A third area cabins will be beneficial, and beautiful, is the pine forest beside the “big pond”.  Access will be available from the road leading to The Outback, and also from across the dam coming from The Farm House.  The pine trees in this area are huge, and cabins here will have that “mountain lake” appeal.


The cabins at Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure! will be dual purposed.  They will serve as lodging for guests and donors wishing to enjoy the wonders of the educational farm for more than just a day trip.  The goal and purpose of the Farm Adventure! is to make funds available to provide respite for individuals with special needs and foster children.

We plan to mill the bulk of the wood to build the cabins from trees here at the farm and local sources, and look forward to working with volunteers who would enjoy a “hands on” construction experience.