The Trails

There is something healing about the trails located in these woods.  I’ve experienced it firsthand.  After I had a bout with cancer in my lymph nodes, these woods were, and still are, one of the only places I find peace.  For me it’s a spiritual connection.  We want to make this available to everyone.

We plan to make the trails completely accessible.  Concrete walks where they’re needed and bridges will make some of the most spectacular views anywhere accessible by everyone.

I dream of having a fleet of side-by-side ATV’s available for our non-ambulatory guest.  Joy stick controlled for convenience and speed regulated will allow us to comply with all OSHA and insurance regulations.  Restroom facilities will also be made accessible along the way to insure convenience and security.

Besides the serenity, abundant birds and wildlife, and the fantastic natural wonders, the woods here do offer a divine connection that only the outdoors can afford.  Every season has something new and exciting to offer.