What a Week!


What a fantastic week! I was able to spend the better part of last week with the Christian Motorcycle Association at Iron Mountain in Hatfield, AR. You know how a lot of times you’re faced with a huge task, requiring you to perform well beyond your comfort level, or even abilities? Where the only way you’ll succeed is an undeniable act and the intervention of God? When you start second guessing yourself? Walking around mumbling, talking to people in your head? Having to force out visions of choking the very life out of someone with your bare hands? And then you get to spend a week with about three thousand fellow Christians! God knows how to give us a break, to revive us just when we need it most.

How refreshing to be around “YES” people! People who were encouraged, optimistic, and excited about the idea of The Farm Adventure!. People who were willing to financially help with the physical and mental aspects of our dream, and weren’t afraid to throw an arm around me and pray, helping to attend to our spiritual needs as well.

It’s easy to get discouraged facing the Goliath sized odds that we’re facing at Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!. The amount of energy required to set something of this grandeur into motion. The pure evil and greed that is against us, looking to actually physically destroy these woods and this property. But, I think that’s the way God likes it best. He offers change to those who truly seek it. I believe His power and Spirit are best reserved for when it’s proved there is no other way than through Him. “He leads us in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake!”

Please visit our website for more information and offers from Ouachita Mountain Resort and Farm Adventure!. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries or suggestions. Our goal is to provide fruits of the spirit to people through the place and means God has blessed us with. Christ In Action!

In His Love,


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