Who We Are

My family moved here when I was four years old. It was paradise. I remember as a kid it was like Old McDonald’s Farm! We had every kind of farm critter you could think of. My friends from church and school always wanted to come to the farm, so I started early putting on a show or what was to become the Farm Adventure!


I was a typical teenager. I fought to get away. And then I fought to get home. With both parents being educators I was led into teaching and soon recognized my passion for helping and working with individuals with special needs. It’s their honesty. And it’s what God calls us all to do; bring hope to those who have none, and protect those who are weak.

We do this because we’re all at the other end of the spectrum at one point or another. May 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer in my lymph nodes. I was weak. How God has blessed us with medical knowledge and medicine. They can do amazing things these days. Anything is possible! As we’re blessed we should in turn pass those blessings on. There’s a peace here on this farm, in the woods, the meadows, by the creeks, that is healing. It’s time to pass it on. It’s time to make it available for everyone.